Consciousness is the way

Petra Schwier is a gifted German-born Psychic Clairvoyant, certified Healer (GAAM – Germany Hannover), Visionary and Writer.

Aware of her clairvoyant gifts from a very early age, she has further nurtured her intuitive senses and natural talents by studying, practicing and teaching Psychology, Family Constellation, Focusing (by E. Gendlin), Health Practitioner (GAAM – German Association of Alternative Medicine, Hannover) – Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Therapy, Reiki Healing, Meditation, Aromatherapy and Runes.

Over the last 30 years, Petra has worked with many clients around the world helping them change their lives and achieve their goals. Petra has made it her calling to guide people mindfully through their life journey with a focus on psychological and spiritual methods using her dynamic, genuine and reassuring nature, straightforward answers and guidance.

Whether you are feeling confused, experiencing hardship or at a crossroad in your personal life, spirituality, career or health, Petra’s guidance and advice can open your mind to new options and considerations.

Beginning with an initial psychic reading and healing consultation, Petra will collect insights into your individual situation and can design an individual program to facilitate your needs. She can help you develop an intimate relationship with your inner soul to prepare you for what lies ahead. This is the opportunity to take a deep look inside and to live a heart-centered, conscious life – the way the real you was meant to live and excel.


Services offered:

Life Coaching

Life coaching is about empowering and stretching clients to their fullest potential by targeted questions. Petra’s method of life coaching focuses on inspiring clients to look past their personal challenges and gives them the tools to create their vision for life and the most suitable course of action.

Dare to dream! Let Petra be your partner on your journey to discovering your highest potential. Get the support you need to tap into your inner strength and achieve your personal and professional goals.


Personal Guidance

Most people go through life dismissing their intuitions. Petra’s personal guidance practice helps clients with their personal and spiritual growth by becoming more in tune with their inner self and intuition. Stop yearning for the peaceful state of mind. Start your healing today and work with Petra as she shares how her personal experience made her a stronger spiritual guide and advisor. See what’s happening around you from a different perspective and put Petra’s insightful and practical solutions to work to turn your life around.


Energy Healing

Energy healing is not a new phenomenon but a wide spread practice that is over thousands of years old and has been exercised in various cultures.  Energy healing practitioners access the powerful invisible (to human eyes) energies to heal and treat patients and get them to optimal state of health.  Petra will use her experience and effective techniques to evoke and channel the healing energy of your body, mind, soul and heart to harmonize its flow. By harmonizing your energy flow, she will help remedy the symptoms of illnesses resulting in lasting energy flow between body and mind.



Meditation is our natural state of silence and contentment. It is universal!

Anybody who travels the path of meditation will become peaceful, loving, centered and healthy. Petra will guide you gently and with consciousness through your meditation experience.


Don’t wait any longer. Treat yourself to a private consultation with Petra.


Reconnect to who you are!

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